The Galaxy of my dreams!

Today  I’m gonna blog about one of the most disputed topics ever. Android VS ios! Apple vs Samsung! Open Source vs Proprietary! This post may appear to  be biased but then again it’s just what  i think about  the whole situation. I used  to hate Apple and was a die hard Samsung fan. Still am,  but i don’t hate Apple as much as I used to.

To begin with i have a rooted  Samsung Galaxy S3(GT I9300) with the exynos quad 4412 and mali 400 mp-4 and i’m gonna compare it with an i-phone 5s. Both the phones are more comfortable to hold but the i-phone has a more pleasing form factor as its small and made from premium materials, i’m not saying that the galaxy is bad , don’t get me wrong but its one of the finest devices out there. You may not like the hyperglaze finish initially but after a week or two you’ll start loving it.

The display on the Galaxy is a hundred times better than the one on the i-phone as the amoled makes everything on the screen look beautiful without over saturating the colors and because of the higher resolution. The contrast on both phones are  excellent but the galaxy wins hands down because of the amoled display. Sunlight visibility on both phones is good but the i-phone is slightly better as compared to the galaxy.

To many power users out there synthetic benchmarks  mean an lot but then again theres nothing much you can compare here. Mainly Javascript and the web browsing experience are the only things that can even be compares because of the generation gap  between both the devices. The galaxy manages to do really well but the i-phone emerges victorious  here.

Both  phones are  suitable for browsing, but the browsing experience is slightly better on the galaxy  because of the bigger screen and because of the flash support. It is to be noted  that flash is not officially supported however you can just side  load it.

I haven’t had the time to test out the cameras  on both phones but the photos taken by the i-phone appear to be a bit better and low light photography on the i-phone is better. The camera interface on both phones are  completely different. The interface on the S3 is much more customizable as it lets you configure almost everything ranging from iso to the exposure value whereas the i-phone has a very simplistic design  with almost no options.

The audio quality on both phones is good but the galaxy s3 wins in terms of overall audio quality and that should have been pretty obvious from the start as the Galaxy uses the Wolfson audio DAC( digital to analog converter) whereas the i-phone uses the Cirrus Logic audio chips. The sound quality on both devices is excellent,  better than almost everything else out there, including the HTC flagships.  The music quality on the galaxy can be made even better if you have root access. Normally the music is generally converted into a 48Khz audio sample before being played, at least that’s how it’s supposed to be done but Samsung has introduced their own algorithm which converts it into something between 42Khz and 48Khz , so the audio can be improved by bypassing the algorithm which can be done with a custom kernel and root access.

If you believe that your galaxy isn’t loud enough then just flash the latest  version of Siyal kernel and download S-tweaks by Gokhanmoral from Google play and boost the sound to desired levels. Using S tweaks you can also overclock your CPU and GPU. however be careful and  don’t brick your phone.

The interface on both phones are quiet different, the interface on the i-phone is too simplistic and childish for my taste. The  galaxy has just the perfect  interface but some users think its bloated but that can be  easily fixed by either disabling the functions you don’t want

Lastly i would like to say that i sometimes wish i had an  i-phone but the i just laugh at myself  for even thinking that, because my reasons for wanting one are silly!

Last  week  i corrupted  my IMEI number when i tried dual booting a ROM  and i had to use a  galaxy y for almost a week. I kept on thinking that  if i had an i-phone this would have never happened because of the completely locked ecosystem. For what it’s  worth i’d rather use a Galaxy Y than an I-phone. How stupid is it to buy a device that can’t share files with other devices via Bluetooth or has no DLNA for wireless screen mirroring or has no NFC….and i  can go on and on . The list  is endless….and if you’re someone who doesn’t like meddling with your device then you  should probably go for the i-phone but if you’re the kind of person who wants to unleash the true potential of your device and are interested in knowing what its capable of then go  ahead and get  a droid, get a galaxy if you want the best!


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